About GoBD

At Goats of Bangladesh we took our inspiration from Humans of New York (as you would suppose) on Facebook. With this idea we began our Facebook page on Eid-Ul-Adha in 2014  when we decided to take pictures of goats and post them on the internet on a page called Goats of Bangladesh. Then what was started originally a joke page started turning more interest from people.

Slowly people started liking our profound analysis of life, philosophy, world news and the current situation of Bangladesh in every aspect. We like to feature the world’s events in the aspect of a goat. It’s funny, people like goats, we like goats and you would think it’s just making a mockery out of HONY. But it isn’t. We like to use this humor of a goat acting human-like to send messages to people all over the world. Something that people will enjoy, learn from and relate to every day.

In 2015 we were trending and BBC thought so, too! Later other news outlets also contacted, both in Bangladesh and around the world. Click on our links to read more.

–> If you have any photographs you would like to submit please inbox us, or email us at gobinfo@goatsofbangladesh.net <–